Discover Wild Guardians: NFT Revolution in Meta Jungle

Welcome To The Next Revolution

Unveil 5K NFTs, 6 Apex Predators divided by Good and Evil. Collection #1 features 4.5K Regular, 350 Rares, 150 Super Rares, including 10 Legendaries. Shape innovation, forge a Meta Jungle legacy, and join a community that offers full ownership, rewards, warrior staking, and charitable impact.

Proud Community Involvement

Fueled by warrior unity and community backing, The Wild Guardians thrives. A flexible, supportive NFT community, where your digital assets are under your command, awaits. As an early supporter and proud owner, you shape your warrior's destiny, influencing rewards, stake benefits, engagement, and charitable contributions through community votes, cementing your role in the project.

Become An Early Warrior

Discover 30 diverse characters, each with distinct attributes, and find a warrior aligned with your combat style. Secure your place among the first 200 wallets during our public mint to unlock exclusive rewards, gain Discord entry with the Guardian role, and shape upcoming charitable initiatives. Hold our NFTs for tiered rewards, accessing a range of benefits and prizes within our community.

Our Team

Allow us to introduce our talented team, ready to make a difference.



Chris is the Founder of the Wild Guardians project. Has a background in Cybersecurity and is one of the main contributors to Information Security topics and strategies. He emphasizes on Web3 Security and Education within the cryptocurrency space. He oversees project engagement, makes every effort to serve the NFT Community for full transparency, being verified across platforms and best practical solutions. Cross pollinates with NFT Projects and Communities to deliver organic growth. As a founder of the project, Chris holds the demanding role of taking on responsibility for the overall operation and expansion of the Project across the region.


Project Artist - Digital Painter/Fantasy Illustrator

Hi I'm Lane. One of the character/concept artists working to create the imagery that will become the sweetest NFT collection anyone's ever heard of ... The Wild Guardians! Having a blast working with this team and whipping up epic creatures, weapons, and armor to build this universe from the ground up. If you care to take a peek at my online presence feel free to poke around my socials below.


Lead Project Artist

I'm a professional illustrator, mostly a custom portrait and character artist, both digital and traditional but no AI, in the fantasy genre. I've done the art for 2 generative pfp nft projects, one is still in the works. If you're interested in seeing some of my other work you can click on my socials.

Other Team Members

I am Baza
Graphic Designer Netherlands
I am Daniel
Core Team Member/Designer
I am Kaine
Core Team Member Australia
I am Hendrolight
Core Team Member Indonesia
I am Jake
Core Team Member United States