Welcome to the exciting journey of our NFT project! Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and steps we'll be taking to bring our vision to life

June - December 2022

Between June and December of 2022, we initiated a project aimed at fulfilling the expectations of our community. This involved completing pre-mint tasks, creating a smart contract, DAPP, and mint platform, as well as conducting fundraising events and giveaways. Finally, on October 24, 2022, we held a public mint. Following the successful mint, we proceeded to improve our website and produced NFT merchandise for an exclusive VIP event in Puerto Rico. Additionally, we attended an NFT convention in San Francisco and incorporated to enable decentralized community governance without incurring gas fees.

January - March 2023

Moving into 2023, specifically between January and March, we exceeded expectations in Q1 with several achievements. These included securing our Staking Pool with a vault on the NFTX Platform, purchasing land in The SandBox, and implementing a Member Rewards Program. Furthermore, we enhanced the mint platform by introducing a Crossmint system for credit card payments, brought on board a team of global members, and sponsored a soccer club. Additionally, we became a certified Limited Liability Company.

April - June 2023

We have achieved significant milestones on our roadmap in Q2, including the introduction of captivating voxel characters, creating an engaging Sandbox Quest experience, and successfully launching a charity campaign to make a positive impact. We've also collaborated with businesses to showcase NFT-based advertisements and made continuous enhancements and improvements based on user feedback. Our team has expanded with talented members, and we've launched a merchandise website for our growing community. Additionally, we actively participated in NFT Detroit, contributing to the vibrant NFT ecosystem. These accomplishments demonstrate our dedication to revolutionizing the NFT landscape.

July - September 2023

We've forged ongoing collaborations in the NFT space, successfully integrated and launched our first quest in The SandBox Game, and completed a seamless shopping experience through a partnership with Amazon. We also attended and hosted a meet-up event at NFT Las Vegas from September 29 to October 1. Alongside these achievements, we've remained committed to our on-going charitable initiatives and business advertisements to increase our community impact and reach. In addition, we're continuously working on project enhancements and are in the process of recruiting additional team members to bring new skill sets to our expanding team.