Member Rewards and Exclusive Benefits

Discover a world of captivating Member Rewards, encompassing passive income prospects, virtual land privileges, charitable contributions, exclusive discounts, and immersive community experiences. Embrace this opportunity and join us to relish the extraordinary benefits!


At the heart of our values lies transparency and community engagement. Leveraging the Snapshot voting platform, we empower every community member and NFT holder to actively voice their opinions and cast votes, fostering inclusivity and a strong sense of belonging through a community-driven approach.

Rewards & Benefits

Discord Currency
Join our Discord Community and Unlock a World of Rewards!
Rewards for Holders
Embrace Your Status as a Wild Guardians NFT Holder
Empowering the Community Through Generous Incentives
Unlocking Passive Income with NFT Staking
Embrace the Gaming World of Wild Guardians NFTs
Amazon Store
Wild Guardians Amazon Store: Where NFT Pride Meets High-Quality Merchandise
Charitable Donations
Creating Change Together: Wild Guardians' Commitment to Charitable Giving
Community Wallet
Enhance Your Earnings: Unleashing the Potential of the Community Wallet Passive Income Program
Rewards for Everyone
Unlock Exclusive Rewards in the Wild Guardians Community!